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Families from District VI participate in the Advisory Council

Authorities of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power held on the afternoon of October 25, the Consultative Council with the inhabitants of District VI of Managua, to present the Preliminary Draft Budget of Income and Expenses and the Proposal of the Annual Investment Plan (PIA) for the year 2022.

Said presentation announced that the Municipal Budget Draft has an estimated total income of 7,010 million 011 thousand 422 córdobas, with which it will continue to guarantee the capital's families well-being and progress in their communities.

In this District VI, the Commune has a budget allocation of 542 million 060 thousand 440 córdobas, aimed at the execution of projects to improve the road network, storm drainage, sanitary drainage, mitigation works, human development investments, maintenance plan of road works and attention to environmental projects.

According to the report presented, the PIA 2022 plans to execute 30 district projects, 9 environmental projects, 27 infrastructure projects, 7 for human development, 12 for the recovery of recreational spaces that include parks and courts, as well as the special attention of the emblematic Streets Program for the People, which has had excellent acceptance in the capital and above all great demand.

“We were able to observe how through the Annual and Streets Investment Plan for the People, we are going to have countless possibilities to improve the quality of life in the different neighborhoods of this District, in addition to road improvement, we also have infrastructure related to water and sanitation, to storm drainage that allows us to eliminate critical points, which little by little, we are working on every year ”, expressed the Secretary of the Council, Jennifer Porras López.

Once the budget is approved, the beneficiary neighborhoods will be: the 31st Anniversary, Waspán Norte y Sur, Gertrudis Áreas, Unidad de Purósito, Villa Reconciliation Norte, Miguel Gutiérrez, La Primavera, Villa Feliz, Jorge Cassaly, B 15, Carlos Núñez, Quinta Pacheco, August 2, Waspán Norte Annex and May 15.

Mr. Enrique Palacios is one of the residents who exercised his right to participate during the Cabildo and is a resident of the Las Acetunas community who thanked God and Good Government because his community benefited from the improvement of 5 blocks of streets with The concrete hydraulic modality, however, stated that one of the main demands continues to be the improvement of more streets for his community, which has a population of 5,000 inhabitants.

Likewise, Mrs. Mercedes Urbina from Colonia Villa Miguel Gutiérrez expressed her gratitude for the improvement of the platforms of this Colonia, which directly benefits mothers of heroes and martyrs.

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