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Rehabilitation works in the park of the first stage of Bello Horizonte

The capital Commune delivered to the inhabitants, the renovation works carried out in the park of the first stage of Bello Horizonte, located in District IV, which is part of the permanent special plan that the Municipality carries out in attention to recreation spaces, this was announced by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

“Every year through our budget we carry out this effort to maintain all the family recreation infrastructures, we have 334 existing public spaces in the Capital, which we are attending according to the priorities and demands of the families, these investments are made periodically as part of the special plan of constant and permanent attention, that is why we call on the population to take care of these spaces of enjoyment that entire families take advantage of, only in this park we have a league of 22 teams that play here constantly, ”said Rueda.

100,000 córdobas were invested in the rehabilitation works and maintenance and painting of children's games, perimeter mesh, maintenance of green areas and public lighting were carried out.

Olga Cruz, a resident of the area, has been living in the first stage of Bello Horizon for 25 years and she explains that this park benefits more than 300 children and adolescents from the surroundings.

"This government is the only one that is concerned about young people, adults and children and that is why we are here enjoying this beautiful park and court, here the kids come to play and stay away from vices or bad friends, one comes to walk or to see the kids compete with each other and that already serves as a distraction ”.

Likewise, Alberto Vásquez added that these actions are part of the commitments of the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity, which fulfills what it promises to citizens.

“This type of space separates young people from drugs. The Sandinista Front has done what a revolutionary government should do, which is to serve the youth, which is the future of the nation, ”said Vásquez.

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