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Official Presentation and Delivery of Clothing to the First Division Women's Soccer Team

On the morning of this Wednesday, October 20, the Mayor's Office of the Power of Citizen Power of Managua made the official presentation and delivery of clothing to the First Division Women's Soccer team, in an atmosphere of great joy and as part of healthy recreation and promotion of sport in different disciplines.

The Leonas Azules of Managua FC are ready to return to play one more tournament in the highest category of Nicaraguan football, where they will seek to fight for the championship as in last season.

"The capital women who have been semifinalists of the tournament twice are preparing under the guidance of coach from Diriambino Edward Urroz, who is a recognized and successful strategist of women's soccer who has gone through clubs such as UNAN Managua, men and women," said the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

He also affirmed that the team presented by the Managua Mayor's Office is a combination of experience and youth, seeking to improve the work of the previous tournament where they reached the semifinal stage against the current champion Real Estelí FC.

"The team will be made up of 25 players who will fight from the first day to achieve all the objectives and be among the first places," said team coach Edward Urroz.

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