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New house dignifies the life of an elderly mother in Villa Reconciliation Sur

Doña Victoria del Socorro Castro Talavera, 86 years old, celebrates the joy of living in peace, in the new home she received from the Good Government, through the building authorities and diplomatic representatives of the brotherly people and government of China (Taiwan ), on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 20.

The new protagonist currently lives with her two daughters, in sector 2 of Villa Reconciliation Sur, in District VI of the Capital, and she thanked Lord Jesus and the Good Government for completely rebuilding her home.

This new housing infrastructure was delivered in an official act, which was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China (Taiwan), Mr. Iván Lo, a delegation from this sister country and the neighbors of the protagonist.

“We are very happy to celebrate with the family of Doña Coquito this restitution of rights. Our Good Government continues to attend, especially to these sensitive cases, such as that of Mrs. Coquito, who lived in vulnerability, we have made great progress in the comprehensive care of families, although much remains to be done to improve their living conditions ", Rueda stated.

He explained that in total there are 10 sectors that make up Villa Reconciliation Sur, but in sector 2, where the new home is delivered, the Municipality has worked on road improvement projects and storm drainage for the benefit of families, "here we had many points Critics in this area, however, with the investment we make each year, the vulnerable sectors have been reduced, but above all we have improved the living conditions of the families with the delivery of houses and thanks to that solidarity and support from China (Taiwan), we have made dreams like Doña Coquito's come true today ”.

The capital official shared that, since this Social Program for Dignified Housing arrived in Villa Reconciliation, one of the largest neighborhoods in District VI, the rights have been restored to 17 families, including today's protagonist.

“Today we are really very excited because we are here to deliver a home to Victoria del Socorro Castro, where she has lived for 25 years. This is an act to restore her right to live with dignity. That is why we are always ready to work and support the authorities of the Municipality, we are the best witnesses of this project that has brought so many joys and benefits to the families, ”said diplomat Lo.

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