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Calles para el Pueblo reaches 75.5 percent improvements in the Capital

The Streets for the People Program has an advance of 75.5 percent, with 937 blocks completed and in the coming days, it will continue to increase due to the simultaneous execution of 17 projects in different neighborhoods of the Capital, as confirmed by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the La Primavera Annex neighborhood, located in District VI.

"We are in the Annex of the La Primavera neighborhood, where we are developing the tenth project that we bring to the area, there are 6 new asphalt blocks, with an investment of 2.5 million córdobas, with these streets the program reaches 75 percent progress With 937 completed, this street connects the park with the school and this work benefits almost 12 thousand inhabitants, because it connects the La Primavera and Annex neighborhoods ”.

The La Primavera neighborhood annex was founded 40 years ago and the residents already have a sanitary water system, potable water and now new streets.

Bernardo Vallecillo is a cadet cadet and founder of this neighborhood, he along with the other inhabitants expressed how this new road work will change their lives.

"We are happy because we had many years of suffering when winter came, the poor kids who go to school and those who go to work went through odysseys so as not to get muddy in the sticks, now even if they go out on foot or grab caponiers they will arrive clean and the taxis or ambulances will be able to enter until the end of the neighborhood and that was impossible ”.

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