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Managua wins first place in the national contest "Best Preserved and Representative Monument of Our Culture"

The municipality of Managua won the national competition for the "best preserved and representative monument of our culture", organized by the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development (INIFOM), in salute to the Bicentennial of the Independence of Central America, with the Monument to the Heroes of Nicaragua , work of the artist Arnoldo Guillen (RIP).

The work reflects the images of the heroes of Nicaragua at different times in its history such as Chief Diriangén, General José Dolores Estrada, Sergeant Andrés Castro, General Benjamín Zeledón, General Augusto C. Sandino and Commander Carlos Fonseca Amador and behind each one of them a Nicaraguan people who have always defended their sovereignty and dignity.

This award ceremony was made by the departmental delegate of INIFOM, companion Elieth Esquivel and was received by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado and the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

The municipal authorities stressed the importance and above all the right of the Nicaraguan people to choose and opt for peace, a legacy defended by the heroes of the country.

Mayor Rueda, after receiving the recognition on behalf of the Managua municipality, highlighted the work and effort of the Sandinista Government in rescuing the country's cultural, artistic and history identity.

“We received this recognition on behalf of the entire collective of the Mayor's Office and this recognition is to the people of Nicaragua, to our artists, to the teacher Arnoldo Guillén who was the creator of this monument, which represents the permanent, constant struggle and defense of our sovereignty and self-determination as a people and here in Nicaragua we Nicaraguans decided ”.

The Departmental Delegate of INIFOM, Eliet Esquivel, upon handing out the award, congratulated the Managuas for the perfect choice of the monument for the contest, because the works not only represent the citizens of the capital, but also the entire country.

"The country's mayors sent us the monument that they consider most represents them in each of the territories and based on these we selected the best monument to recognize and in this sense the Mayor's Office of Managua made an excellent decision when proposing the monument. of the Heroes of Nicaragua, since this monument not only represents Managua, but represents all Nicaraguans, a monument full of history and when we see it it evokes dignity, sovereignty and that is the desire of all, ”said Esquivel.

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