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Vehicle bridge completed and road improvement linking the Pablo Sexto and Óscar Turcios neighborhoods

The Municipal Government inaugurated on the afternoon of October 18, the Project Construction of a Vehicle Bridge and Improvement of Road Infrastructure of 1 block covered with asphalt, which serves as a road connection between the Pablo Sexto neighborhoods of District III and the Óscar Turcios of District I, which will be road alternatives for vehicular circulation, when section I of the Expansion of the Juan Pablo II track is built.

The work had an investment cost that amounts to 7 million córdobas and directly benefits 3,192 inhabitants, distributed in 638 families in this area, guaranteeing road and pedestrian accessibility.

"We are very happy to share with all the residents of the sector, the inauguration of this very important work, which required an investment of more than 7 million córdobas, Commander Daniel and Vice President Compañera Rosario guided us to improve conditions here in this sector, in where this beautiful bridge was built that unites the comrades from Las Carolinas, with San Judas, with Los Martínez and also the comrades from the Óscar Turcios neighborhood ”, affirmed the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

The mayor of the capital said that the Municipality has worked intensively in the conditioning of alternate roads that allow road accessibility in this sector, "remember that soon, the expansion works will begin, including up to 10 lanes of the Juan Pablo II track" .

Doña Carmen Mejía, inhabitant of Pablo VI, was very happy and grateful for this work of the Common Good, she said that in its beginnings the neighborhood did not have all the basic services, there were no streets or bridges, “only the Sandinista Government restores rights A government like this had not existed in Nicaragua and with this government the Lord has blessed us, who has cared for the most deprived, for us the poor ”.

In the same way, the inhabitant Argentina Aguirre expressed, “we in the neighborhood of San Judas, Reparto Los Martínez and Pablo VI, feel very grateful for all these achievements, because they are not just words, they are not just promises, quite the opposite, Progress has been seen and there is no doubt that we will always vote this November 7 for the 2nd ”.

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