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Residents of District I participate in the citizen consultation process

The Mayor's Office of Managua presented the Preliminary Draft of the Annual Investment Plan for next year to the population of the neighborhoods and regions of District I, in the first town hall organized for the consultation process, which estimates to execute a total of 7,010 million cordobas.

In this presentation, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado pointed out that this preliminary project has already been presented before the Managua Council and in this District 623 million 744 thousand cordobas has been budgeted.

“Here in District I we have projected 46 projects through the Infrastructure Directorate, 22 projects that will be executed directly in this District. We have 13 environmental projects and we have 45 projects through the Human Development Directorate. In the 22 projects that the District will execute directly, an investment of 33 million 500 thousand córdobas is projected ”.

Among the benefited neighborhoods are: Hialeah IV stage, Jorge Dimitrov, Félix Pedro Chavarría, René Cisneros, Óscar Turcios, Isaías Gómez, Colinas de Memorial Sandino, Che Romero neighborhood, Reparto San Juan and the regions: Gracias a Dios, Jocote Dulce, San Isidro de la Cruz Verde, La Hoyada.

The Annual Investment Plan contemplates executing projects for road improvement, storm drainage, sanitary drainage, mitigation works, human development investments, maintenance of road works, maintenance and recovery of public spaces in parks and fields, green areas, repair and maintenance of bus stops in the District.

One of the residents present was Don José Torres, who pointed out that this type of activity is to make it known that Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario continue to work for the population living in vulnerability.

"We are grateful for the great progress that has been made in infrastructure, housing, health, education, sports, our government."

Likewise, Mrs. Janeth Cruz said that this council is very important "we have to participate, because the people are the ones who decide which projects they want to be approved," he said.

The improvement of infrastructure in parks and streets is one of the main demands that he considered should be a priority in the René Cisneros neighborhood.

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