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Traders of the Roberto Huembes market ready for the celebrations of La Purísima and the pre-Christmas season

Starting this weekend, families from the capital will be able to enjoy low prices on all products for the celebration of the Immaculate Conception of María and the pre-Christmas season at the Roberto Huembes market.

Among the promotions you can find toys and clothes at discounted prices at a 30.40 and 60 percent discount, while Christmas items can be purchased between 150,180 and 200 cordobas.

During a tour of the Huembes stretches, the General Director of the Managua Municipal Market Corporation (COMMEMA), comrade Freddy Casco, confirmed that the municipal authorities and the Merchants Association have already guaranteed biosecurity measures in the 8 capital markets and the access roads in optimal conditions, as re-peating is being guaranteed on the access roads.

“The permanent and occasional merchants are already ready to receive the residents of the capital in this pre-Christmas season, the 8 markets are well supplied with everything that is clothing, footwear, toys and the traditional articles of La Purísima, the measures are also being guaranteed. of biosecurity here in Huembes, we have installed handwashes and garbage cans ”.

The traders are ensuring that the workers in this market make frequent use of alcohol, a mask and that the sections have good ventilation.

Jessica Rostrán has been working in this shopping center for 15 years and she explained that with this type of permanent discount fair, the country's economy is boosted with fixed sales in all markets.

“We continue working to make the economy more dynamic and we are ensuring that health regulations are applied to avoid contagion, also those of us who work here have responsibly attended the vaccination posts to avoid getting sick or infecting others, from this end During the week we are offering Christmas and Purísima products, we have colored lights for 150 cordobas, while a 5-pound bag of assorted sweets can be bought for 350 cordobas. "

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