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New streets in Villa Libertad Annex

With the clear commitment to guarantee progress and the future for the families of the capital and meeting their demands, 8 new blocks were inaugurated in the Annex neighborhood of Villa Libertad, a road improvement project carried out through the 2021 Streets for the People Program.

This road improvement was delivered to the community by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who explained that this project consists of the paving of 8 new blocks, with an investment of 4 million 705 thousand 128 córdobas, directly benefiting the 14 thousand 227 inhabitants of this area of the capital.

In this community, in addition to this project, the Good Government has executed 10 more projects in the last 12 years, in which the Sandinista Good Government has invested 23 million 426 thousand córdobas, to which if we add the investment this year gives us a total amount of 28 million 131 thousand 784 córdobas.

Among the projects carried out in this sector, we can mention, the construction of a vehicular bridge, rain drainage works, lining and paving streets; in addition, the construction of 19 decent homes.

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