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Residents of the first stage of the Hialeah neighborhood inaugurate their coveted paved streets

By developing new access roads for Nicaraguan families, the Calles para el Pueblo Program benefited the residents of the first stage of the Hialeah neighborhood in District I, with the construction of 4 new blocks, these streets were in their natural state for 30 years, the road improvement work has an investment of 1 million 788 thousand 804 córdobas, benefiting 5 thousand 532 protagonists.

The work was delivered by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado who shared the joy of bringing more progress to the families that for many years have waited for the construction of their streets.

"We had previously delivered 11 blocks, so there are 15 blocks in total that we have delivered in this area of Hialeah, this is the first stage, there are four stages, we have worked intensely all these years, here we had critical points, flood points, landslides for the rainy season, however our Good Government has been meeting the demand of the population ”.

One of the protagonists of this sector, Dalila Mendoza expressed that today its streets are a dream come true, after so much anguish in the winter season, “with this rain here we would not have left our homes because the street was splitting as they do not have idea, the truth is that we are happy that progress has reached our neighborhood, thanks to God and to our Good Government led by Commander Daniel and Vice President Compañera Rosario ”.

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