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Sports court rehabilitated in the Andrés Castro neighborhood

The Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, continues to work for the well-being, the common and healthy recreation of the capital's families, for which the rehabilitation works of the sports field of the Andrés Castro neighborhood of District III were executed. from Managua.

The work was delivered on the morning of this Thursday, October 14, in a family and community environment and will benefit 5 thousand 17 inhabitants of this sector, as part of the restitution of rights, among which are to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, offering security, dignified spaces and healthy entertainment for children, youth and adults, who were also given soccer and basketball balls to practice these sports.

The inauguration was attended by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who reported that this plan to beautify the recreation spaces renewed the metal structures, damaged lighting fixtures, painting, mesh rehabilitation and the installation of new boards.

“We are here in the Andrés Castro neighborhood, delivering this recreational space, this remodeled, freshly painted, newly illuminated field to all the residents, youth, children and adults, this practically new field, here you will be able to play baseball, futsal, basketball, school holidays are coming and President Daniel instructed the mayors of the whole country to improve all the fields, all the sports spaces so that the boys can take advantage after finishing their studies this year and that they also be delivered materials sports so they can practice their favorite discipline, ”said Armas.

Also, the capital official urged to practice more sports and take care of sports facilities with top quality material.

The young people were very grateful to the Good Government for the rehabilitation of their recreation space, because it no longer provided the conditions to practice sports, “I think it is very good because it was a bit deteriorated and thanks to the Commander's government, we are very grateful because The boys can now play well, the children who come to ride their bikes are going to start enjoying themselves more because the space was in poor condition ”, said the protagonist Roberta Gutiérrez.

William Hernández, another of the young people who played sports, said "all the boys are happy, because before we didn't have balls, they were all ugly, the court was unpainted and now thanks to the President we have enough balls."

This project is part of the maintenance and removal works carried out by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, constantly and permanently, in the 334 public spaces in the Capital.

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