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Launch of the VI contest "Memories of my Neighborhood 2021-2022"

As part of the rescue of the historical memory of our Capital city, the Good Government led by Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Vice President Rosario Murillo, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, carried out the morning of this Tuesday, October 12, the launch of the VI contest "Memories of my Neighborhood 2021-2022", with an emphasis on cultural traditions and popular characters.

The Directorate of Culture and Historical Heritage is carrying out this launch in honor of the Bicentennial of Independence, with the aim of rescuing and promoting the history of the neighborhoods, regions, markets and cultural traditions of the Capital, told by its inhabitants, founders and characters , to share them with all Nicaraguans and contribute to the strengthening of their own identity.

In this VI edition of the contest, preference will be given to oral narratives compiled on cultural traditions that have been forgotten or that have endured over time, despite the sociocultural, urban or rural changes that have occurred in Managua, where participation will be allowed for all aspects of cultural life, dance, theater, music, literature, myths and legends.

Participants have until October 22 to register with the Directorate of Culture and Historical Heritage of the Mayor's Office of Managua or in the different municipal libraries of the city.

Likewise, 19 artistic works are being presented in commemoration of the anniversary of the Indigenous, Black and Popular Resistance (1492).

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