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Street paving works in Managua neighborhoods progress

Bringing prosperity and development to the capital families who for many years have waited for decent streets, on the morning of this Tuesday, October 12, authorities from the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua visited the road improvement project, which is being carried out in the Carlos Núñez neighborhood. District VI, through the Streets for the People Program.

During the tour, the Secretary General, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, spoke with the families of the sector to publicize the works that are being carried out, as part of the model of dialogue of consensus and shared responsibility and announced that the project consists of 5 blocks new, with an investment of one million 685 thousand 600 córdobas, directly benefiting 3 thousand inhabitants and indirectly 15 thousand.

“Visiting the development of one more Calles para el Pueblo program, first in the exchange with the families of the sector, we were talking about the problems we have in the community in relation to drainage, garbage, sanitary sewer issues, of citizen security and the elections of November 7, how we are organizing ourselves to ensure a resounding victory for our people, led by Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario, an exchange that is received with great joy from the families from Managua, particularly here in the Carlos Núñez neighborhood, we will be building 5 new blocks, we are currently working on everything that is earth movement, base and sub base preparation, for next week to be able to place the rolling folder ”, he said. Dark.

For the families, these improvement works improve their living conditions and they thanked the Good Government for bringing progress to their community, as stated by the protagonist Raúl Herrera, “at least I, who have difficulty walking, will bring me closer to 25 meters down the street, to bring a load I have to pay a caponier who charges me 10 córdobas, now I'm not going to have that problem, we feel very happy and very grateful, both the disabled and other people ”.

“With 31 years of living here, I feel very happy because this gives us more growth in our neighborhood, because we want our neighborhood to develop more so that our children can see something better than what we live, I think We thank the government very well for the struggle it has had to improve conditions for the residents of this neighborhood, ”said Doña Edith Ramírez.

The capital official reported that at this time 16 projects are progressing simultaneously at a good pace and the Calles para el Pueblo Program has a scope of 72% of streets with 894 finished streets in the city of Managua, “remember that we report the result when the street is completely finished, really the progress made taking into account that there are 16 projects in base and sub base being built is much greater, but we add the streets once they are finished ”, he concluded.

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