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Families of the Waspán neighborhood are benefited with the construction of a vehicular bridge

With a cultural gala full of joy and art, the inhabitants of the Waspán Sur neighborhood inaugurated the new vehicular bridge that connects all sectors of the neighborhood, which for more than 40 years had been divided by a channel that crosses the area from south to north.

The bridge box is 4 meters wide, 12 meters long, 2.25 meters high and allows the circulation of taxis, caponiers and pedestrians. With this bridge the 1 thousand 45 families that live in the neighborhood, as of this week, will also be able to count on a better home garbage collection service, because the collection trucks will not have to leave and enter the neighborhood twice, to serve both sectors, now with a single route they will be served because the bridge connects the entire neighborhood and allows connection with other neighborhoods.

The inauguration was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who explained that this is a comprehensive project, which, in addition to creating a new circulation route, also improved storm drainage, since the new bridge box lined a 10 linear meter canal of the riverbed.

With the construction of the new vehicular bridge benefits 6,270 protagonists and has an investment of 5 million cordobas.

“Today we are celebrating with the entire community, because this is a comprehensive project that came to respond to one of the most sensitive demands of this neighborhood, for years its inhabitants had to go to the health center or the neighborhood school over a pedestrian bridge that had already given its useful life, ”said Rueda.

This road improvement and storm drainage project was carried out through the 2021 Annual Investment Plan, financed with the payment made by the taxpayers.

Xiomara Vargas has lived in Waspán Sur for 40 years and she explains how this project changes the lives of its inhabitants.

“We are happy, because this bridge was an impossible dream, for 40 years if we wanted to go to the other side of the neighborhood, one had to pass on foot, the garbage truck, taxis and an ambulance could not pass, it had to go give one great return, now not only the neighborhood was communicated, we as families and residents are also more united, now we are a single neighborhood ", said the protagonist.

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