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Fresh products at solidarity prices in the San Judas market

This Saturday, October 9, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales visited the Róger Deshon market located in the San Judas neighborhood, providing attention and support to the merchants of this shopping center, as part of the articulation and direct communication that promotes the model of Citizen Power.

"This is a very crowded market, mainly in the surrounding neighborhoods, it is well supplied, has excellent prices and all these days it has been in a process of cleaning, fumigation, disinfection and they will continue to work in that sense for the next few days."

The vendors of this shopping center invited Nicaraguan families to buy in the municipal markets, where they will be offered discounts and offers on all their products, in a clean and safe environment.

Juana Celia Pérez offers a varied gastronomy to families who visit the San Judas market at affordable prices, “we always have a different menu, our clients are from the surrounding neighborhoods and we have to offer a variety of food, we change the menu every day, we offer meat Shredded, steak, soups and the roasts that cannot be missed in a diner, we sell all these dishes at favorable prices, the meals at 80 cordobas and the fresh ones at 20 cordobas ”.

Melania Torres from the fruits and vegetables area, announced that there is quality of products at low prices, the pound of red dot potatoes is found at 14 cordobas, the onion at 18 cordobas per pound, the tomato is low in price and is to the customer 4 tomatoes for 10 cordobas, the pipián and the chayote are sold for 12 and 7 cordobas respectively.

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