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Israel Lewites Market with discounts and progress of your projects

The Municipality, in coordination with the merchants of the eight markets of Managua, are preparing for the discount fair on all their products, during the coming weekends.

The merchants already have new merchandise, with which they will supply the shopping centers at solidarity prices, within them the Israel Lewites market, which will have reduced seasonal products, this was announced by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the morning of this Friday, October 8.

“We are coordinating efforts with all of our markets and they are the places of preference for all Nicaraguan families, who come to buy everything they need in their homes and what better place we have with the discounts and promotions in each of these shopping centers. popular shopping, ”said Rueda.

All the products are fresh and maintain their prices, as reported by the fruit and vegetable merchant, Reyer Javier “oranges at 30 pesos for 25, Hawaiian papaya for 30, tamarind for 20 a half pound, lemon by peso, banana ripe by weight, pineapple at 10, bananas remain at 5 in 20, potatoes always at 10 a pound, garlic a little expensive at 20, but always low, because of the rains it always affects us, but they have kept".

Within the area of cosmetics, the merchant Eveling Guerrero, offers a variety of brands in its products, "we have very reasonable prices and we have for everyone, for her mother, husband, her children and an exclusivity of professional products, including hair products and makeup".

As part of the efforts carried out at the inter-institutional level, in this shopping center, cleaning is guaranteed with permanent operators of the Municipality, prevention measures directed by the Ministry of Health are taken, and security is provided by the National Police. , so that merchants work with peace of mind and consumers make their purchases with confidence.

This market, which currently houses 1,385 sections and 200 itinerant merchants, 1,018 fixed sections and 108 temporary ones, has excellent programs and magnificent designs to continue expanding and improving its facilities, so that sellers and buyers enjoy safer and more orderly facilities. , as reported by the municipal official.

He announced the progress of the projects that are carried out in this capital market, such as the construction of the galleron in the seafood area, which includes sections of vegetables, handicrafts and piñatas, improving the conditions of the merchants and the capital families that do it. they visit.

The Project benefits 62 merchants, 30 employees and 64 sections, with an area of 80 meters in front by 11.12 meters deep for a total area of 889.56 square meters of structure, with a height of 5.60 linear meters, it has an investment of more of 5 million córdobas and carries an advance of the 40%.

He also added that the work for the relocation of the merchants that will be affected by the expansion of the Juan Pablo II Runway has a 70% in advance.

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