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Laureano Mairena neighborhood receives new space for family recreation

Focused on supporting sports and healthy entertainment for families in the capital, the Municipality delivered on the afternoon of October 6, a project to rehabilitate the community park in the Laureano Mairena neighborhood, District VII of Managua.

The renovation works in this park consisted of the renovation of the children's games, the boards of the multipurpose court and the perimeter mesh, as well as painting and ornamentation in general.

The new recreation area, delivered by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, is part of the maintenance and removal work that the Municipality permanently carries out, in all the public spaces that exist in the city.

“This project directly benefits the families that live in this area of the District VII of the Capital, among them, the Annex to the Colonia San Jacinto, June 10 and Rafaela Herrera, contributing in such a way, to the good living of the family ”, expressed Porras.

The municipal official also explained that this District has 46 recreational spaces for families, which are provided continuous care.

Haller Reyes, a resident of this sector, said he was satisfied and very enthusiastic about this work that benefited his neighborhood, "we are happy because now we have a place to have fun and share moments of recreation with our friends."

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