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Asphalt coating in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood

Guaranteeing better living conditions for capital families, Good Government through the 2021 Streets for the People Program, paved 3 new blocks in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood of District I.

This road improvement consisted of the asphalt coating of 3 blocks, directly benefiting 16,337 inhabitants, corresponding to 3,267 families in this community, with an investment of 922 thousand 756 córdobas.

From 2010 to date, in this neighborhood, road improvement projects, storm drainage and maintenance works have been carried out, with an investment of 41 million 376 thousand 296 córdobas.

“In these years, through the annual investment plans, 12 million 126 thousand 221 córdobas have been invested in the construction of 7 blocks of streets with hydraulic concrete, including drainage works and the replacement of pipes”, said comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua.

The mayor of the capital shared that conditions have been improved in 42 blocks of streets, through asphalt coating, the construction of drainage works, including household connections for drinking water, sewage and the construction of platforms, with an investment of 20 million 225 thousand 883 córdobas.

Through the Streets for the People Program, in 2019 7.5 blocks of streets were improved, using the double treatment paving method with an investment of 1 million 361 thousand córdobas.

"We are happy, we never thought that this neighborhood was going to change, thanks to God and our Good Government now we will have a better life condition," said one of the protagonists of the work, Eddy Martínez.

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