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New road connection between the Marcos Somarriba and Alexis Argüello neighborhoods

As part of the execution of the Streets for the People Program, a new road connection was built between the Marcos Somarriba and Alexis Argüello neighborhoods of District III, benefiting about 2,500 inhabitants, with the construction of 4 new blocks, the program reaches the 71 percent progress with 881 blocks completed, as reported by Secretary General Fidel Moreno during a tour of the community.

The work has an investment of 2 million cordobas and the Streets for the People Program will continue this road connection, until reaching the Pochocuape community in the coming months.

The capital official affirmed that they are progressing at a good pace with the projects in execution, "we continue to build road works that link neighborhoods, this weekend 4 new blocks are paved that serve as a road connection between these neighborhoods."

Liseth Caballero is 12 years old who came to live in the neighborhood and her house is on the main street and she has witnessed how the current of rain entered the houses that are in this area of the neighborhood that are in this area.

“We are happy, this is a dream come true, I will never forget how the water got into us when it rained hard and the most beautiful thing now, the taxis and suppliers are going to enter the neighborhood, I have a sale in my house and one had to carry things from the entrance, because nobody wanted to come, the trucks and cars did not enter and only the Commander could change it, only he could give us access to some beautiful streets and the good thing is that there are also other neighborhoods that progress is coming to them, ”said Caballero.

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