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Renovated recreational space delivery in the Martin Luther King neighborhood

On the morning of this Thursday, September 30, in a family and community atmosphere, the completely rehabilitated recreational space was delivered in the Martin Luther King Neighborhood of District III of Managua; as part of the support for sports and healthy recreation for families, provided by the Good Government.

This project is part of the maintenance and removal works carried out by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, constantly and permanently, in the 334 public spaces, existing in our capital, thus contributing to the healthy recreation and recreation of the capital families.

The work of the common good that was inaugurated and delivered to the community by Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, which will benefit 1,771 inhabitants.

Within the works, the application of paint and maintenance to the playgrounds, perimeter mesh, maintenance of the green areas and repair of the lights were carried out.

The Municipality attended 18 parks a month to fully restore them and have them ready for the national holidays, “this year, as the Mayor's Office, we are carrying out a special renovation program in the parks and courts of 72 neighborhoods of the capital, in greeting to the Bicentennial of Independence. from Central America, ”said Porras.

The parks and courts are located in the 7 districts of the capital and in the coming weeks they will be inaugurated in the neighborhoods: Villa Venezuela, Villa Reconciliation Sur, Los López, Los Ladinos and Andrés Castro.

"We are happy, because here there were no conditions for our children to play or practice sports, now thanks to Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario we have healthy recreation spaces," said Francisco Zúñiga, one of the residents of the neighborhood.

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