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Swimming Competition at the Michele Richardson Pool Complex

In an atmosphere of great joy and enthusiasm, on the morning of this Thursday, September 30, the swimming championship began with amateur student athletes from the country's technology centers, at the Michele Richardson swimming pool complex.

The event will feature the participation of two people from each technological center in the country, a man and a woman who will do their best to achieve the top positions in this sporting discipline, which will put up the name of their institute.

The competition of the participants of these 17 centers will be in the 50 meter freestyle category, where amateur athletes will demonstrate their skill.

More than 100 athletes had constant training in this sport where the teachers in the field gave them all the knowledge and taught them techniques for this competition.

"Thanks to the support given by the Government of Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario to Nicaraguan sports, we have these competitions in the best sports facility in Central America," said the Vice Mayor of Managua, Compañero Enrique Armas Rosales.

Sarahí Palacios from the Hugo Chávez technology center, expressed her enthusiasm in this sport, “we are happy with these events, we have been practicing for a week and we are going to put our effort to achieve the first places in these competitions”.

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