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Calles para el Pueblo 2021 reaches the Santa Ana Sur neighborhood of District III

Calles para el Pueblo 2021 is progressing at a good pace, according to the projections established for this year; On the morning of this Thursday, September 30, building authorities visited the Santa Ana Sur neighborhood of District III, where they will pave 7 blocks of new streets, as part of this emblematic program promoted by Good Government, which guarantees better living conditions for Nicaraguan families. .

During this supervision, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, spoke and attended to the different needs expressed by the population, also explained that the project will directly benefit a little less than 5,000 inhabitants of this community, with an investment of 2.8 million córdobas.

Moreno said that in the last 90 days of the year, the Calles para el Pueblo program continues to be an emblematic project due to its demand and its scope, detailing that by the end of the year, there are 70 projects, at the rate of one project. per day, he explained that this week 16 projects are being developed simultaneously, so they plan to finish in good time.

In the same way, he reported that the San Juan Pablo II track is expected to start works at the end of October or the beginning of November, he said that as of October 30 there is the challenge of having 4 vehicular bridges completed, which are being built in the area.

Likewise, the beginning of the construction of the Las Piedrecitas park is projected, which he explained will be a natural park, with spaces for recreation and healthy recreation; Another project that is being executed at the end of the year is the drainage project to eliminate a critical point due to flooding in the Wholesale market; In total throughout the municipality, approximately 150 projects of different sizes are being developed, for the benefit of families in the capital.

The paving of streets in this neighborhood is part of the work carried out by the Good Government, a project that is added to the water and sanitation works, road improvement and construction of 24 decent homes, which the Sandinista Government has carried out in recent years. in this area of Managua.

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