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Barrio 18 de Mayo will have 10 new blocks

The Streets for the People Program will benefit more than 7 thousand inhabitants of the 18 de Mayo neighborhood in District V, with the construction of 10 new blocks with asphalt. The road improvement project is 50 percent complete and will have an investment of a little more than 7 million córdobas, this week the earthworks will be carried out to form the base.

During a tour of the beneficiary neighborhood, the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that previous works of pluvial and sanitary drainage will also be carried out before asphalting.

“In this neighborhood we will be building ten new blocks this year. We are already working on the relocation of sewage and drinking water pipes and the preparation of the sub-base, base and finally the bearing folder, the project is fifty percent complete, with an investment that exceeds 7 million córdobas, 7,000 inhabitants will benefit from this work, ”Moreno reported.

 The Secretary General affirmed that the program so far is 70 percent complete with 870 blocks completed and that by the end of October, 1,000 blocks will be reached because there are several projects underway.

“We have 16 more projects under development in different parts of the capital, which will allow us to close the month of October above 1,000 blocks, this will allow us to enter the final route of the program to complete the 1,242 blocks that We have planned this year, this visit to the project allows us to exchange with the population and learn about their demands and proposals ”, he highlighted.

Moreno from the capital assured that they are already working on the entire 2022 budget program, which will be important for all of us. "In order to achieve these routes of prosperity with confidence and security, let's ensure this November 7th, we will vote in box 2, the box of hope, love and prosperity, headed by President Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario," Moreno reflected.

The work is one of the most anticipated by the families that live in this neighborhood and with the new streets the strong currents that form in the winter will be eliminated. This was explained by the protagonist Carlos Daniel Ruiz, who is one of the founders of the neighborhood.

“Here we are all grateful to our President because it was only with the government of the Sandinista Front that our neighborhood could improve, there we go little by little, here when it rained no one could go out, because the children and the elderly fell down, here there were several who fell through the mud and the inclination of the streets, but thank God that is over ”.

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