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Dignified Housing Program builds a new home in Recreo Norte

A blessing came to Mrs. Ana Marisela Hernández Montiel, 48, and her family, in the Recreo Norte neighborhood of District III, after living for many years in their house in poor condition and the fear that with winter it would collapse, but to As of today, his reality changed to his new home built by the Municipality, with the solidarity support of the sister Republic of China (Taiwan).

This delivery is part of the commitment and immediate response of the Good Government led by Commander Daniel and Vice President Compañera Rosario in improving the living conditions of families, through programs and projects of the common good that this afternoon, September 28, benefit to Mrs. Ana Marisela and her three children, ages 22, 7 and 2.

The opening ceremony and delivery of keys was accompanied by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado and His Excellency Ambassador of China (Taiwan) Jaime Chin-Mu Wu,

“With this new installment, the total number of homes built by this emblematic program of love and solidarity from 2016 to date, the number rises to 4 homes at this point in the capital. Thanks to the Good Government, four families have had their rights restored, their lives completely transformed and changed, and it will continue to transform in 2021 into paths of peace and victories, ”said the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

Leydi Medal, 22, daughter of the protagonist expressed her joy at receiving her dignified home, “my mother is very happy, the truth is now we are not going to get wet, I feel happy. Now we will have a home where we can share pleasant moments, thank God and our Good Government.

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