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Bismarck Martínez Program performs 15th delivery of homes in the Villa Jerusalen Urbanization

In less than 30 days, greeting the Patriotic month and the Bicentennial of the Independence of Central America, on the morning of this Saturday, September 25, the Good Government led by Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo, through the Municipality carried out the fifteenth delivery of 150 homes to the same number of families in the Villa Jerusalen urbanization, District VII, as part of the Bismarck Martínez Program.

The official delivery of the keys was made by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, to four of the 150 protagonists of this day, including Martín Uriel Castillo, Ana Raquel Dávila Cardoza, Claudia María Araica Fuentes and William Jahani Palacios Valle, who They expressed their deep gratitude to the authorities of the Good Government for changing their lives and making their dream come true.

“It was a bit difficult, because when you are renting it is difficult for you to walk from one place to another, this is a good action that the government has done so that all the people who need decent housing, we can obtain it, I wait two years, but I had the patience, the faith, the trust in God and in the authorities, I feel very happy, very happy, "said the protagonist Ana Dávila.

For families, receiving their home is the most anticipated gift where they can share with their loved ones, as stated by William Palacios, another of the beneficiaries, “it is a dream that today has materialized, it has become a reality. to receive this great blessing, which has been the product of the good management led by Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario, we are very happy, and our children will have a roof where they can be in family and community ”.

"We are very happy, in each of the deliveries we see different expressions of joy from the families, firstly thanking God, sending greetings to our President and Vice President, these expressions of love are our motivation that drives us to commit ourselves every day. more at the service of the population, through this model of care for families, to create conditions for families to have more opportunities, projects like this, of love, affection and solidarity, ”said Mayor Rueda.

He also shared that, with this new installment, the program reaches 1,550 homes and works simultaneously in 5 urbanizations: Villa Jerusalen, Villa Santiago, Villa Flor de Pino, Villa Esperanza and Villa Caminos del Río, which In the next few years, 10,000 homes will be built and this year 3,000 homes will be built in Villa Jerusalen for the same number of families.

Once again the mayor of the capital, thanked the Nicaraguan families for the trust placed in the Good Government and added that, many of them lived renting for years, since there were no projects like this, they were not subject to credit, but thanks to the will policy of the authorities can already have a house of their own.

The Villa Jerusalen urbanization has houses of 54 meters of construction with an area of 120 square meters, they are made entirely of blocks, they have two rooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen and shared dining room, in addition to the basic services of electricity, water drinking water, storm drainage, wastewater and complementary works such as streets and platforms are carried out.

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