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Wholesale Market with discount festival and the execution of new projects

Nicaraguan families will be able to make their purchases at favorable prices this weekend, thanks to the discount fair that merchants and the Municipality promote in the eight markets of Managua.

The Secretary of the Capital Council, Jennifer Porras López, toured the Wholesale market and verified the supply of perishable products and the low prices that merchants offer their visitors, in addition to taking the hygienic and sanitary measures directed by the Ministry of Health such as washing hands and the application of alcohol to your buyers.

"These women and men merchants always willing and COMMEMA management to try as much as possible, with much love, much affection to guarantee Nicaraguan families that their visits to our markets are safe, that cleanliness is always guaranteed. , especially now in these times when we must take precautionary measures from the moment we enter, use a mask and alcohol, "said the Secretary.

The merchant Félix Pedro Gutiérrez confirmed that they carry out the cleaning and sanitization of the sections so that families buy safely and also have a large quantity of perishables at affordable costs, "365 days a year we keep supplied, always waiting with the best prices at Nicaraguan families, come, go to the Wholesale, they already know that it is the safest market in Nicaragua ”.

Gutiérrez explained that the price of a pound of potatoes is at 12 cordobas, the onion at 15 cordobas per pound, the lemon is found at 1 cordoba per unit and the cabbage from 10, 15 and 20 cordobas, varies in price, depending on the size .

Sorayda Salazar, who offers meat in this municipal trade, recommended to families to buy in the markets, "we make a cordial invitation to the entire population, neighboring neighborhoods near the Wholesale, to come and check prices, affordable prices to bring food to our homes ”.

During the tour, the municipal official announced that the more than 1 thousand 800 merchants will have a new collection of waste, "we had a collection that no longer had enough capacity for all the cleaning that is carried out on the day in the market, this work of more than 500 square meters, with a cost of 2,900,000, makes the difference to continue improving the quality of all workers ".

Likewise, Porras announced that the merchants of the Rivera sector will benefit from the construction of 11 blocks of streets and the pluvial and sanitary drainage in the area, with an investment cost of more than 14 million cordobas.

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