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Merchants in the Eastern market maintain sanitary measures against Covid-19

The merchants who work in the Eastern market continue to stimulate the economy of the Capital and to guarantee the safety of the thousands of visitors to this shopping center, in all stores and sections the protocol of hand washing, application of alcohol, is guaranteed. taking temperature and especially the mandatory use of masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, in her visit to this market, together with the merchants committee, confirmed the coordinated work and shared responsibility to guarantee the continuity of the projects in the 8 capital markets, the commercial activity and from this week the flexibility in working hours so that the workers of these shopping centers, attend the hospitals in search of the preventive vaccine.

Likewise, the capital official Rueda announced that the execution of the Streets for the People Program continues in the Mayoreo and Oriental markets, while merchants guarantee promotions in clothing on weekends, they can buy two blue jeans for 500 cordobas .

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