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Capital commune advances in the Hialeah neighborhood with 11 new blocks

More than 5,000 protagonists who live in stages I and II of the Hialeah neighborhood located in District I, will be benefited with the construction of 11.2 new blocks of streets through the Streets for the People Program.

The construction of the streets is 50 percent complete and will be ready in approximately 30 days, as confirmed by the Secretary General of the Commune, Fidel Moreno during a tour of the neighborhood where the base and sub-base are being built prior to the placement of the folder, at the same time announced that additional complementary works will be carried out to guarantee the asphalt of the 11 new blocks.

“We are visiting one more Calles para el Pueblo project, a little more than 5,000 people live in this area, this time we have 11 new streets and at this moment we are working on base and sub base issues, they are streets that they are quite central in Managua and once covered they will have a lot of vehicular traffic, the project will be ready in approximately 30 days ”.

The investment exceeds 6 million córdobas and once the streets are built, they will be channeling the water, in addition to the new streets, the Municipality will carry out works that improve drainage.

Doña Luisa Amanda Pérez, is one of the beneficiaries and she, along with the other families on her block, celebrate the construction of the new streets.

“I have been living in this neighborhood for 19 years and since then we waited for this project, thank God it is already being fulfilled, because with the rains this street became impassable, full of ditches and many times, the water got into the houses, we we are grateful to our President, since he became President, changes began to arrive in this neighborhood, ”said Pérez.

In the case of Mrs. Gertrudis Erazo, she is one of the founders of the neighborhood. She has lived in the first stage for 25 years.

“I am the founder of this neighborhood and I have seen how little by little we have been advancing and with the construction of these streets we will be complete, we would already have everything in our community and that is thanks to this Revolution, to Daniel and we know that more progress is going to come. to the humble neighborhoods ”.


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