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New house for the elderly protagonist in the Hugo Chávez neighborhood

The Dignified Housing Program changed the life of the protagonist Maritza Amanda Escobar Rivas and her family, building her new home on an emergency basis, since the house in which she previously lived collapsed as a result of the winters of the last 10 years.

Doña Maritza is of the third age and as a child she got polio, which left sequelae that prevent her from walking well, she works from home to meet her basic needs, selling what she can, but her low income prevented her from making improvements in the infrastructure of your home.

 “My house was full of holes, the pillars that supported it were full of termites, the water leaked, now I thank God and my President for having fulfilled this dream, I could never rebuild my house and today it is possible thanks to the President and to the solidarity of Taiwan ”.

The Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, explained that this is the 47th house that is built in this neighborhood through this program of love and solidarity that promotes Good Government for the most needy families in the country.

“We are giving Doña Maritza a change of life, thanks to emblematic social programs that our government, Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, have carried out, who have been day by day alongside the families and people who need it most. Doña Maritza has lived here for 21 years and in the last 10 years she has been in difficult conditions ”, declared Secretary Porras.

 For his part, the Minister Counselor, Mr. Iván Lo, assured the continuity and support of this program that restores the right to safe housing to hundreds of families since 2018.

 “We have delivered hundreds of solidarity houses to the people who need it most, in the Hugo Chávez neighborhood we have come on several occasions and we are happy to share the joy of Mrs. Maritza Escobar, because as she told us, they lived under precarious conditions and through from the Mayor's Office and the Embassy, we have managed to give him his decent home ”.

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