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Residents of the Israel Galeano neighborhood enjoy their recreation area

In a family and community environment, on the morning of this Thursday, September 16, a completely rehabilitated recreational space was delivered in the Israel Galeano neighborhood of District VII of Managua, as part of the support for sports and healthy recreation of the families, provided by Good Government.

The work for the common good was inaugurated and handed over to the community by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua who stated that “this project consisted of the rehabilitation of children's metal games, 4 buttocks of the quadruple swing, application of paint on the wall of containment, benches, multipurpose poles of the court, mesh structure and drinking fountains, in addition to the installation of urban furniture, consisting of 2 metal trash cans and installations of 2 cobra-type luminaires with light bulb and photocell ”.

"We are happy, before this park did not exist, we had no way to recreate ourselves, but thanks to the Good Government we have this space where our children can have fun," said one of the protagonists of the area, Richard Santana.

The project is part of the maintenance and removal works, carried out by the Municipality, in the 334 public spaces, existing in the Capital.

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