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Barrio Augusto C. Sandino will complete 100 percent of its streets built

The Streets for the People Program began the lining of eleven new blocks with asphalt in the Augusto C. Sandino neighborhood of District V, with this new project the program reaches 65 percent progress, as explained by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno Briones , during a tour of this sector.

Moreno highlighted that with this work in Managua 795 new streets have been built, of the 1,242 streets planned to be developed for this year.

“This weekend the 11 blocks will be ready, the neighborhood will be 100 percent covered, these new streets will guarantee access to public transport services, police patrol services, security services that also have to do with With first aid, Red Cross, firefighters, it will also improve garbage collection services, that is, the street has a great importance to improve services, but at the same time, also to take care of health, taking into account that there will no longer be dust that produces respiratory diseases in the summer or diarrheal diseases in the winter ”, stated Moreno.

Doña Juana del Carmen Pérez is one of the founders of the neighborhood and she describes that in the 33 years that the neighborhood has been founded, this is the year they leave behind the hardships caused by winter.

“We are happy, because with these new streets we will not only have access to caponiers, taxis, the ambulance will also be able to come in an emergency and the kids will go to their schools calmly, with their shoes and clean uniforms, here when It rains, it's puddles and mud flats everywhere, but thanks to our Good Government, that was left behind, now the police will also be able to come at night, to reduce the assaults, ”said Pérez.

The cladding of the 11 blocks has an investment of almost 10 million cordobas and benefits 2,300 protagonists.

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