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Streets for the People Program builds 9 blocks in the Concepción de María neighborhood

On the morning of this Tuesday, September 7, building authorities visited the Concepción de María neighborhood, where they supervised the development of the 2021 Streets for the People Program, which to date has completed 779 blocks, with an advance of 63%, out of 1,242 blocks projected to be served this year.

During this supervision, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua announced that at this moment in the Concepción de María neighborhood work is being done on the construction and leveling of the base in 9 blocks, 5 in the South sector and 4 in the North sector, which are expected to be completed in the next 8 days and after the national holidays the asphalt layer is being placed.

He also explained that work was carried out to reposition the sanitary sewer pipes, as part of the preparation of the base and sub-base of these streets.

From 2009 to date, the Good Government has invested 15 million 146 thousand córdobas in this capital neighborhood in road improvement works, construction of public and community spaces, as well as the construction of 60 decent homes.

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