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Residents of Bello Horizonte thank the Good Government for its new streets

With a cultural event, the families of the first stage of Bello Horizonte, in District IV of Managua, joyfully celebrated a new road improvement project of 6 blocks covered with asphalt, through the Program Streets for the People 2021.

The work had an investment cost of 4 million 843 thousand cordobas and was inaugurated by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who congratulated the protagonists and declared that it is a privilege to serve the capital's families with works of progress.

"We appreciate the confidence of all of you in our Good Government, which cares for all the families of the different sectors, so today we are celebrating this restitution of rights."

The mayor of the capital shared that this work of the Common Good directly benefited more than 7 thousand inhabitants of this sector who for years waited for this road improvement, which today is a reality, thanks to the timely response of the Sandinista Government, which guarantees decent streets and quality, for the busy traffic in this area.

Doña Modesta Rojas gave words of gratitude for the good works carried out by the Municipality, “on behalf of all of us who lived in this first stage, we thank the Mayor's Office for what it is doing, for the restructuring of the alleys, for all the swallowing, cleaning and because it is next to the poor and the rich, because the rich also benefit from these works ", concluded the protagonist.

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