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Discounts and promotions continue in the national month

The merchants of the populous Róger Deshon Market located in the San Judas neighborhood celebrate the national month with a fair of discounts, promotions and projects that will benefit the visitors and merchants of this capital's shopping center.

On the morning of this Saturday, September 4, Compañera Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Municipal Council of Managua visited this market and verified the supply and the stability of the prices of the season.

At the same time, the official announced that in this Managua market, the storm drainage is being improved, 70 meters of gutter lines and the installation of 12 rain boxes, with an investment of 298 thousand córdobas through the 2021 Annual Investment Plan.

"Here we have discounts and promotions for families in the capital in this national month and we invite them to visit us," recommended Porras.

For her part, the merchant Amanda Guerrero from the vegetable area invited families to come and shop.

"We have permanent discounts and promotions from Monday to Sunday for you to visit us."

The municipal authorities reiterated that in the 8 municipalities, hygienic sanitary measures are maintained to prevent diseases, in addition that efforts are made in coordination with the merchants associations, COMMEMA and the National Police, to guarantee the safety of buyers and merchants.

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