Mercado Mayoreo celebrates national month with discount fair and new projects

Wholesale market merchants receive the month of the homeland with discount fairs on all their products such as chicken, meat, cheese and everything that is fruits and citrus.

Next weekend they will also hold the student fair where all school products and uniforms will have affordable prices, as reported by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, during a tour of the largest wholesale market in the country.

“This weekend the merchant brothers of the Wholesale market have important reductions in the prices of citrus fruits, cheese and chicken, and next week from September 10 to 12 they will carry out the student fair, so that parents can buy at The uniforms and school supplies have a good price. We also have good news for the brothers who work in this market, and that is that the Streets for the People Program was expanded and now we are going to build 11 new blocks instead of 7 blocks ”.

Armas stressed that simultaneously with the road improvement project, the new collection of garbage on the market is being built, which will guarantee better health conditions and more fluid traffic and also shared that in other markets such as Israel Lewites there are projects underway.

Sara Morales has been selling in this market for 30 years and explained that all the actions that are carried out are a set of measures to benefit both merchants and consumers.

"We continue to support all the fairs that represent a discount for customers, that speeds up sales, so we all help each other, with those new streets that will be built next week next to the rivenses galleries, we all come out winning, because the people that the producers who come directly to sell their harvest are looking for, and they are not going to get muddy, nor will the sticks that are made there whenever it rains, ”Morales said.

Teresa Soza explained that this week the prices of dairy and chicken have dropped substantially and that is thanks to the fact that the market is well supplied.

"We have a pound of cheese at 45 cordobas and if they buy wholesale we lower the price more, American chicken is at 24 cordobas a pound, while the national half chicken at 36 cordobas dropped to 26, or 10 cordobas less, carrots , watermelon and everything that is orange and lemons also went down, that's good news because the money goes to buyers more, said merchant Soza.

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