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A new hope comes to the family of the Pedro Betancourt neighborhood

After living posing and taking care of houses for several years, on the afternoon of this Wednesday, September 1, Mrs. Elsa Sofia Orozco Aguirre and his family were benefited by the Dignified Housing Program, in the Pedro Betancourt neighborhood of District 7, where a new emergency home was built for them, due to the critical conditions in which they lived.

The protagonist, who is a housewife, from today will be calm and safe with her children and grandchildren, who make a total of 10 members, who will no longer be afraid of the rains or the currents of the river that adjoins their home, in which a mitigation work was also carried out so that families are not affected.

Doña Elsa was very grateful to the Good Government authorities for having received a prompt solution, “I am happy because our Commander Daniel Ortega sent me help from the house, from Vice President Compañera Rosario and from Fidel, I am grateful after God to They, who I know are going to win the elections, we are all going to win ”.

The opening ceremony and delivery of the keys to the house was carried out by the Deputy Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, His Excellency Ambassador of China (Taiwan) Jaime Chin-Mu Wu and a delegation from that brother country.

With the delivery of this house, the rights of this family to live in dignified conditions are restored, a program of love that the Sandinista Government executes, through the Municipality and thanks to the generosity of China (Taiwan).

“We are in District 7, in the rain here in the Pedro Betancourt neighborhood, but happy sharing with the Ambassador of Taiwan, Mr. Jaime, the delivery of this dignified home, dignified home number 18 given here to colleagues who needed that solidarity, that hand, that support, that support from Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, ”said Armas.

For his part, Ambassador Wu reiterated that his government is pleased to continue with the delivery of homes, built by the workers of the Municipality for the most vulnerable and humble families, “we continue to support this great effort so that more families can benefit from this great project of decent houses ”.

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