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Rain drainage work in the Francisco Salazar neighborhood advances in a 70%

The Secretary General of the Capital Commune, Compañero Fidel Moreno, carried out this Wednesday, September 1, an evaluation visit to the Storm Drainage Project that is being carried out in the Francisco Salazar neighborhood, in District V of Managua.

The work that has an investment of a little more than 7.5 million córdobas, has an advance of 70 percent and according to statements by the municipal official, the rains generated by Tropical Wave number 31, did not affect the work carried out.

Moreno explained that 72-inch pipes are installed in this neighborhood and 122 meters have already been laid, “it is a segment of about 51 meters that is still pending to be laid. It was not affected by rain, logically given the amount of water that fell, the soils are saturated and we have to wait for it to dry out a bit, to be able to continue the pipe laying work ”.

He announced that this drainage work should be completed in approximately 15 days, as time permits.

He assured that in this neighborhood 15 blocks will also be delivered through the Streets for the People Program, of which 11 have already been completed and the 4 pending blocks will be built, upon completion of the drainage works.

During the tour, the Secretary declared that in recent years 40 million córdobas have been invested in this sector and this year, 3 projects will be developed that include: the sanitary sewer system for a little more than 60 families, storm drainage and Streets for the village.

In reference to the rains on the night of this Tuesday, August 31 and part of the early morning of Wednesday, September 1, the official shared that 130 millimeters of water fell and the largest accumulated were concentrated west of the Capital.

“Thank God, despite the volume of water, there were no serious damages. We had 3 neighborhoods with damages in the city of Managua, 10 houses with floods, the three neighborhoods: Santa Rosa in District IV, Hialeah in District I and in Lomas del Valle that we also had damages, especially due to the collapse of a street , which we are going to visit precisely now and we are going to be able to explain in more or less detail the causes and the treatment that we would assume in this place ”.

He specified that fallen trees were recorded, as well as garbage and sediment in the roads and drains, to which immediate attention is provided with a little more than 1,500 municipal collaborators, who are incorporated into the work of the Winter Plan, highlighting at the same time , that in the rainiest months cleaning efforts and attention to drainage will be doubled, to avoid possible damages.

"The issue of garbage is still very important when it comes to rains, when it comes to avoiding floods and we all have to keep working on this," Moreno reiterated.

Likewise, he stressed that no damage was recorded in the works carried out in the Andrés Castro riverbed, nor in the drainage works on 25 Calle, “these are works that were planned and designed to be worked even in the middle of winter, they had no effects and they worked perfectly ”, he concluded.

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