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Barrio El Riguero has all its lined streets

The population of the El Riguero neighborhood in District I celebrates the improvement of a new road section of 1.1 blocks of street, through asphalt surfacing, with which the lining of the entire neighborhood is completed.

Thanks to an investment amount of 810 thousand córdobas, the Municipality complied with the demands of the families, to have a road network that guarantees a fluid circulation of vehicles and the population in general.

The award ceremony was held on the afternoon of August 30, with the presence of the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who highlighted that with this work for the common good, 2,165 families are benefited, a little more than 10,800 inhabitants of this sector.

“It's a party, it's a hubbub, we are celebrating in a big way this restitution of rights, which is part of this proposal that the Good Government has, that permanent commitment to care in all the projects that families have demanded for years and that even now they have been heard with our Good Government from Commander Daniel and Vice President Compañera Rosario ”, expressed Rueda.

Doña Gloria Mendoza Flores related that she spent 50 years waiting to see her streets improved, “thanks to my Lord I was able to see this achievement, they are blessings from God, who sent us this street, we are no longer going to endure dust, nor are we going to soak our feet , the children are going to play happy, calm, I thank the Lord for these achievements that we have obtained with this President ”.

In the same way, the protagonist Rolando López, commented that "they are works of progress where children can play and enjoy these streets."

The mayor of the capital announced that in this neighborhood, the Commune has been serving the needs of the community, with the delivery of 25 homes to the same number of families, as well as the renovation of the Bill Stewart Park.

In her statements, the Municipality specified that the Streets for the People Program has an advance of the 58%, serving to date 732 blocks in the different neighborhoods of Managua.

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