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New road network for the inhabitants of the Hilario Sánchez neighborhood

The more than 6 thousand inhabitants of the Hilario Sánchez neighborhood, located in District IV of the Capital, celebrated the opening of 10 new blocks of streets on the afternoon of August 27, which the Municipality carried out as part of the Special Plan of the Streets Program for the people.

This work, which had an investment cost of 4 million 743 thousand córdobas, was inaugurated by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who upon delivering it, expressed that these are works of love blessed by God, under a political will of the Good Government of bring well-being to Nicaraguan families.

“We, like Managua, have been transforming thousands of blocks and today we deliver 10 new blocks. Here we have the three modalities that we take care of: 6 blocks of surfacing, 3 blocks of asphalt coating and one of hydraulic concrete ”, explained our colleague Rueda.

He affirmed that with these blocks delivered, it is only necessary to attend 1 block and a half more, so that all the streets of Hilario are built.

Marta Huerta, who is the protagonist of this work of progress, on behalf of all the inhabitants of the neighborhood, gave words of gratitude to God, the Good Government and the Municipality for building these streets that were previously in poor condition, “these streets are beautiful Before they were destroyed, now we look at them completely renewed and our families will be able to sit down happy, having fun, the children playing their soccer and it is something to thank Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario Murillo for this project ”, Huerta stressed.

Likewise, Mrs. Martha Lorena Bolaños said, seeing this project that they waited for years executed, “we are very grateful to God and to our president because it is a very great thing that Hilario Sánchez has done in this neighborhood, now if we can run and compete at the race, "she said happily.

During the opening ceremony, the mayor of the capital announced that since 2009 to date, the Commune has built 2,836 linear meters of streets in Hilario Sánchez, in addition to other large-scale projects such as water and sanitation and the delivery of 37 decent homes for the same number of families in this community.

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