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Peripheral Market continues to improve its conditions

With great joy, the merchants of the Jonathan González market, popularly known as the Peripheral Market, received the roof maintenance works and invited families to make their purchases in complete safety in this commercial center, where they await them with the doors open to buy their fresh products at a good price.

This capital market, located in District IV of Managua, houses 191 fixed sections and is one of the oldest in the Capital, with 57 years of history, it was founded in 1964, on the same site that it is currently located, as before 1972 earthquake was the outskirts of the city, hence the popular name of "Peripheral".

During her tour of this shopping center, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado announced that, in this market, the roof is waterproofed, with an investment of more than 830 thousand córdobas and later the maintenance of the painting of the entire building.

Likewise, Rueda shared with the merchants and verified the supply, price and quality of the products.

The Commune continues to advance with the improvement of conditions in all the capital markets, with infrastructure projects, street improvements and storm drainage works, as part of the response to the demands of merchants and buyers.

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