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Streets for the People Program benefits more families in the La Primavera neighborhood

This Thursday, August 26, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, General Secretary of the Managua Mayor's Office, made a supervision visit to the road improvement project that is being carried out in the La Primavera neighborhood, located in District VI.

During his tour, the Secretary General spoke with the population of the sector to whom he explained that this road improvement consists of the asphalt coating of 6 new blocks, with an investment of more than 2,500,000 córdobas, which directly benefits 11,000 220 inhabitants.

Likewise, he explained that in this area the need for infrastructure was necessary, which is why projects have been carried out to improve the living conditions of families both in the La Primavera neighborhood, as well as in the Annex and the 31 Anniversary, where the Good Government has invested 250 million córdobas in recent years.

The Municipality in the last 10 years has covered more than half of the La Primavera riverbed, a little more than 300 decent houses have been built; in addition to road improvement works, storm drainage and sanitary sewerage.

The Streets for the People Program to date, has an advance of 58% with 732 blocks completed of the 1,242 projected to serve in this year 2021.

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