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Municipality commemorates the 134th anniversary of the birth of Master Luis Abraham Delgadillo

With the placement of a floral offering where the remains of Master Luis Abraham Delgadillo Rivas rest in the General Cemetery of the Capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua paid tribute the morning of August 26, on the 134th anniversary of his birth, to whom he passed to the pages of history not only for being the author of the music of the National Anthem, but also for his artistic and musical personality.

Don Luis Abraham Delgadillo Rivas, is cited in more than seven specialized dictionaries and in various histories of Latin American music, was and is considered one of the most important composers of the American continent.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, stated that commemorating the birth of the Master of Nicaraguan music is very special, together with the celebration of the Bicentennial and the National Holidays, “every year we pay that much-deserved tribute to that Maestro Luis Abraham Delgadillo Rivas, creator not only of the music of our National Anthem, of which we Nicaraguans are very proud, we have a very rich history of all those special characters, a Master that we have to honor and celebrate today, full of homeland, full of love and being proud of the creations that he left us, that musical heritage ”.

"Luis Abraham Delgadillo, is a character of the utmost importance, because he is the first to arrange Rubén Darío's poems to music, we are aware of 9 scores, he is the forerunner of the musicalization movement of Darian themes in Nicaragua and in the world" , expressed colleague Clemente Guido Martínez, Director of Historical Heritage of the Municipality.

The historian Guido shared that thanks to a scholarship granted to him by the government of President José Santos Zelaya, Maestro Delgadillo entered the Milan Conservatory in Italy where he distinguished himself with honors, his talent was so great that the President heard him play the piano only once and gave the order to grant him a scholarship even knowing that Delgadillo's father was his political adversary.

Once in his homeland, the Master led the Band of the Supreme Powers for six years. From 1914 to 1920 he was Professor of Music in the Normal Schools of Young Ladies and General Director of Musical Culture of Nicaragua.

The tribute was accompanied by authorities from the Ministry of Education, workers from the Capital Commune and the Municipal Band, the latter interpreting the musical pieces of La Mora Limpia by Justo Santos and Peruvian Yaraví by the composer, musician and conductor Luis Abraham Delgadillo.

Also, flowers were placed on the grave of comrade Bismarck Martínez "Hero of Peace", who rests next to the remains of this Grand Master.

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