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The Sixth Federated Children's Baseball League kicks off

At the rhythm of comparsas, this Saturday, August 21 at the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park stadium, the Sixth Federated Children's Baseball League was inaugurated, which from this year will bear the name of the Hero of Solidarity "Roberto Clemente ”.

With the inauguration of this league, the sixth baseball tournament officially begins, in which academies and neighborhoods from different districts of Managua compete, there are 47 teams in total that will play every Saturday, for almost 6 months.

The tournament will have the participation of more than 850 children and young people from the participating teams, which are made up of five categories.

In the Pee Wee category it is made up of six teams, with 25 children under the age of seven, the Infant A category has 9 teams, Infant AA includes 11 teams, Youth A with 12 teams and Youth AA have 8 teams.

"We have about 7 thousand children who have passed through the schools of the Managua Mayor's Office and it has been a great achievement, with this inauguration we hope it will be to everyone's liking and we are going to play in the different fields," said Noel González, Director of Sports of the Municipality.

The coaches of the different teams were very happy to see the joy, the smile of the children and the support provided by the Good Government, “we begin with the children to learn to catch, to pick, to cover well the bases so that go on track and we are grateful to the Mayor of Managua, first of all, with the remodeling of all the fields and not only of Managua, excellent organization and we cannot complain ", expressed the team coach, Erick Castillo.

The capital authorities gave recognition to Jairo Mendoza, "El Jocotito", founder of the academies who says goodbye to the field, "he has always been with us, today he is retiring, he deserves recognition for all the teaching he has given to these children, it has been one of the fundamental axes of this academy ”, concluded González.

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