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Gastronomic municipal contest "Flavors of my country"

With much excitement the merchants of the eight markets of Managua, gathered on the morning of this Friday, August 20, in the municipal contest of typical Nicaraguan foods, which is part of the National Gastronomic Festival "Sabores de mi Patria", held in the Small square of the Róger Deshon shopping center.

In this contest, 16 merchants from the popular dining rooms of the eight shopping centers participated, who presented the different dishes typical of the national identity, such as: the old Indian or casserole mass, nacatamal, tamales, vigorón, steam, pig with yucca, among other culinary delights and representative of the country.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Political Secretary of District 3.3, Cándida Huete and Chef Luis Enrique Borge Pérez, made up the qualifying jury and toured each stand, to taste the different dishes presented by these Nicaraguan food fans.

Doña Reyna María Orozco, a merchant from the Oriental market, was the first place winner with the old Indian dish and received her cash prize of 5,000 cordobas.

The second place was obtained by Mrs. Ana María Pérez, who represented the Wholesale market with a vapor, she received 3 thousand prize cordobas and the third place was awarded to the market merchant Róger Deshon, Juana Miranda, who presented her vapor and was creditor of 2 thousand córdobas in cash.

The mayor of the capital Rueda announced that the winner of the first place of this municipal contest will participate in the departmental contest that will be held from August 22 to 28 and “later, September 11 is the grand finale and we will do it in the Great Sultana in Granada, this is one of the first activities that we are going to have of all that range in greeting to our national holidays, but above all to our Central American Bicentennial ”, expressed Rueda.

The first place winner said she was pleased and very excited because she will have the opportunity to participate in the flavors contest at the departmental level, “I always participate and I will always participate, we thank God, because only this Good Government takes us in tell us merchants, I feel happy, "he said.

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