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Elderly mother in the Costa Rica neighborhood receives decent housing

The protagonist Matilde González, who is an older adult and mother of two children with different abilities, was benefited by the Dignified Housing Program, they lived for more than 40 years in precarious conditions, next to a river in the Costa Rica neighborhood, located in District IV.

With this new family, the beneficiaries reach 10 homes and the program continues to advance, to guarantee the well-being and dignity of the capital's families.

The Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, confirmed once again the will of the municipal government to transform the lives of families exposed to vulnerable conditions.

"We have been working for 13 years to dignify the lives of families, such as that of our protagonist, she is older, is a widow and never worked to take care of her two children, in addition you see the danger they ran because they live on the shore of the channel, thank God it has allowed us to work in this neighborhood, which has 1 thousand 34 homes and a population of 2 thousand 422 inhabitants, in the last five years the Municipality has invested around 5 million córdobas in road improvement projects and of rainwater drainage ”, announced Porras.

The Ambassador of China Taiwan Jaime Chi-Mu Wu, reiterated the support of his government so that this program continues to grow, “these dignified houses are to combat poverty and now Mrs. Matilde will live with dignity, we are proud to continue supporting this love program , so that it continues to grow and we manage to deliver 400 homes, we are also going to deliver more homes through the mayors of the interior of the country, the construction of decent homes in 50 municipalities of Nicaragua.

Doña Matilde thanked the government and Taiwan for changing her life with her children and at the same time, requested help to take care of her children, because her physical condition no longer allows her to assist them.

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