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Ninth decent home built in the Alexis Argüello neighborhood

The Dignified Housing Program built an emergency new home for the protagonist Mayra de los Ángeles Argeñal Cerrato and her family in the Alexis Arguello neighborhood in District VI.

The Cerrato family's house collapsed last weekend due to the rains and is the 9th house that the program builds in this neighborhood, dignifying the lives of the same number of families that were exposed to vulnerability.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, explained that this neighborhood was founded 14 years ago and has a population of 560 inhabitants distributed in 130 houses, which have been benefited by projects developed for this community, such as road improvement, construction of solidarity housing, among others.

“Today we are delivering the ninth decent home in this neighborhood, our sister Mayra saw her house collapse as a result of the rains and this was a rapid response from the government of our Commander Daniel to the emergency of a family with limited resources and This was possible thanks to the solidarity of China Taiwan, we celebrate that this project has been transferred to 50 more municipalities, the first delivery of two houses has already been seen in the municipality of Granada ”, stated Armas.

For his part, the honorable Mr. Iván Lu Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China Taiwan in Nicaragua, confirmed once again the support of this sister nation to this project, which has transformed the lives of Nicaraguan families.

"A few months ago we signed an agreement with the minister of SINAPRED, to take this project to 50 municipalities, we from the embassy are promoting this project so that other families can receive this benefit and little by little more families from the departments," he said. It.

During the celebration, the protagonist shared her happiness with family and neighbors, thanked Commander Daniel, Compañera Rosario, the management of the Good Sandinista Government and the solidarity of Taiwan for building them a new home where they will now live safely after living 20 years in terms.

“Only my President could make my dream come true, this is the only government that reaches every corner of the neighborhoods here, the only one that has sent help every time the Sandinista Front is flooded and not only that, today Managua is different, it has streets It has parks and there are hundreds of families like mine who already have their own house, he wants to see what he sees and this November 7 we are going to work so that this benefit for families continues to reach other neighborhoods, ”said Argeñal.

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