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Qualifying tournament for the Quarterfinals in Taekwondo

Last weekend more than 400 athletes participated in a taekwondo qualifying tournament. This sporting event is the last qualifying stage of Group B that participates in the Managua 2021 Youth Games championship, the winners of this event went to the quarterfinals.

During Saturday and Sunday, athletes from 13 academies faced each other in 198 bouts. Young people from Districts 5, 6 and 7 participate in taekwondo group B, while in group A the kids from Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 participate.

Salvador Zavala, President of the Taekwondo Federation, explained that the winners go to the quarterfinals and those who manage to win in the final will be part of the national team that will go to the Central American Games 2022.

“We are giving continuity to the youth games and we are selecting the best martial art athletes, those who win will be part of the national team, we want to prepare the kids, in the last games we won 17 medals, we were in third place as a country and we are going to prepare for the kids to win more medals in 2022, "said Zavala.

Jerry Mansell, has practiced this sport for 10 years and his goal is to prepare for a selective championship that will be on September 5.

“I am 25 years old and as an athlete for me all the tournaments are important, from here we go to the selective one that is the next month, there we will compete with the athletes of group A and with other kids from the departments, those who win go to the national team and that is my goal, my dream to represent my country in the 2022 games ”.

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