Sandinista government guarantees progress works to families in the Domitila Lugo neighborhood

More than happy are 1,030 families from the Domitila Lugo neighborhood, after receiving from the Good Government the improvement of 4 blocks of streets, a water and sanitation project, in addition to the rehabilitation of a multipurpose field, on the afternoon of this Friday the 13th of August.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado and the residents of the neighborhood celebrated this restitution of rights with folkloric dances and the inaugural ribbon-cutting that declared the works delivered.

“For us it is one more victory, one more triumph, one more restitution, improving living conditions and that is the objective of Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, to continue with those projects that transform the conditions of families in our municipality of Managua, ”Rueda said.

The mayor of the capital reported that this project has an investment amount of 4 million 664 thousand 754.37 córdobas and its execution fulfills the demands of families, to have a road network in optimal conditions that improve access to the neighborhood, a healthier life for families with a safe water and sanitation project and youth healthy recreation on a rehabilitated field.

Doña Amparo Aguirre, Political Secretary of sector 2 of the neighborhood, stressed that "these works are restitutions of rights that we have well deserved and our good Government has sent us, the Domitila Lugo neighborhood was very abandoned and since 2010 to date it has been it has been incorporating ”, he commented.

Similarly, Sergio Ortiz, a resident of this sector, highlighted the work of the Good Government and the Municipality to guarantee recreation spaces for youth, “in general, we all benefit from these projects, but in particular the youth with this new The court, which was previously abandoned and did not provide decent conditions to be able to practice sports, the boys were not using it, but the Mayor's Office always responsible and concerned about well-being and to increasingly dignify the spaces where sports can be practiced, delivers this court and today young people can count on this space already rehabilitated and with basic and necessary conditions to develop the sport ”.

During the award ceremony, Mayor Rueda shared the progress that this neighborhood has had since 2010 to date, with the execution of 5 road projects that had an investment amount of 13.2 million córdobas and also 6 storm drainage projects, water and sanitation, with an investment cost of 23 million cordobas.

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