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Second ALMA-UPOLI Interuniversity Championship 2021.

With the participation of more than 300 athletes from 7 universities in the Capital, the II Alma-Upoli University Games were inaugurated, the competitions of this championship will be the disciplines of basketball, futsal, ping pong, volleyball, field soccer, baseball and Chess.

This sports event arises from a strategic alliance between the Mayor's Office and UPOLI with the aim of promoting sports and interaction between young people from different universities, in this way, well-rounded young people are trained and recreation and healthy competition are promoted in students. .

During the inauguration of this tournament that will last for 3 months, the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López reiterated the commitment of the Municipal Government to support and promote university sports, which is a true seedbed for all disciplines.

“With this we as the Mayor of Managua are in alliance with Upoli and six other universities, we want to comply with that orientation that we have from our government, from our Commander Daniel Ortega, to promote sports and all healthy recreation among university youth. ”.

UPOLI Rector General, Norberto Zúñiga, stated that this alliance to promote education and sports has been very positive, because what emerged as friendly games has become a sports competition that encourages relations between the country's universities.

 "Today we are celebrating that our youth is joining sports activities, the Romans wrote in all their stages a healthy mind in a healthy body and that is what we want for our students who in addition to their academic activities have sports activities, last year we started with 5 universities, today 7 universities participate, but if we continue working in partnership we will achieve in the future that the entire university community of the country participates in these games ”.

The participating universities are UPOLI, UNICYT, KEISER, UNI-IES, UAM and 7 ALMA Academies.

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